Tapless Vertical for the Holidays

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5947)

I haven't actually tried this out yet, so I hope that it works. Most is original, some has been "inspired" by workshops. Bench is vertical.

Block One

Repeat left

Block two

Repeat left

Block three

*Pivot repeater-leading right, step up right (1) as you are lifting the left knee, unload right leg so that you are doing a little hop, as you are doing this the left knee is pivoting over the bench (2) left foot to floor on the right side of bench (3) right knee lifts (4)right leg steps ontop of bench (5) left knee lift, right leg unloads, left knee swings back to where you started (6) step down left right (7,8)

**Ham walk pivot- you can substitute one ham on the bench, on ham on the floor facing back--right lead- step up right, ham curl left (1,2) step down left right, turning towards the back corner, pivot left (5,6) cha cha (7,8)

***Sky jack- right lead- you will start this move facing the back of the room, step up on top right lift left knee, as you do this, add a little hop and a little turn so that you are facing the west wall (1,2)step on top of the bench left, lift right knee, little hop and face the front of the room (3,4) Step down right, left (facing front) one jack (7,8) if this really confuses you/your class, one turnstep and 2 jacks will put you in the same place.

**** Windmill- a revolving door done on a diagonal. This proved to be harder to explain than I thought it would be... If you have questions, feel free to email me!

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