The Can Opener?!?!

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 6071)

Believe it or not...I saw this move in a fitness magazine, and this is what they called it...the can opener...can you believe?!?! I have done this move for years...and called it many things...but...Can Opener?!?! Come on! Anyways...hope you can use it...

Position A - Level 1 - beginner

Lie on back...left foot flat on floor..right ankle crossed over left knee. Hands behind a regular curl with upper body. As many as u like. Advance to position B

Position B - Level 2 - more challenging

Keeping same position...right ankle on left knee...raise left foot off the floor, so left shin is parallel to floor...right ankle remains on left knee...hold legs stationary...and do a regular curl with upper body. As many as you like. Advance to position C

Position C - Level 3 - most challenging

From previous position...simply add lower body curl to meet upper body curl. Legs remain in same position...right ankle crossed on left knee...upper and lower body crunching together with each repetition.

KEEP A SMALL RANGE OF MOTION TO PROTECT THE swinging legs...make it a small, tight crunch, with a slight release, then repeat.

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