Partner Step #1

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 6074)

I took this from pattern #5736. My class thought it was very fun! Thank you to Julie for the idea!

Steps are vertical, end to end.

          x   x
          x   x A
          x   x
          x   x
          x   x
          x   x
        B x   x
          x   x

One person, A, is at the right hand side of the top bench.
One person, B, is at the left hand side of bottom bench.
Everyone starts on a right lead.

Combo #1

Repeat Combo #1, left lead. (At this point, "A" should be on the right side of bottom bench and "B" should be on the left side of the top bench.)

Combo #1a (See below)

[Add to Combo #1]

I teach Combo #1 using right and left leads. Then I add Combo #1a to Combo #1, first to the right lead, then to the left lead, so that Combo #1 becomes a 64 count combo on both leads. For example:
"A" starts *horseshoe* with a right lead. After the 2 jacks, "A" goes through the *diagonal* combo startng with a left lead. After the second grapevine, "A" is ready to start the *horseshoe* with a left lead. Got it?
Go to Partner Step #2 for next combo

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