Lida's Double Jam II

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 4052)

xxxxxxxx  Step(1)  "front"

xxxxxxxx  Step(2)  "back"

This is following my first combination called "Lida's Double Step Jam 99"

The following is for very advanced steppers:

Combo #2

(Start with front bench) - (move to front bench and repeat from top leading left foot)

Explanation of moves:
Alternating taps - facing left, right foot goes on top and left foot prepares to tap over the other side of the bench behind the right foot (1-2) - left foot taps on the other side and then comes back over to where it started from and taps again (3-4-5) (right foot stays on top of step)

Helicopter straddle - After the second tap, immediately go into a helicopter over and straddle down the bench (7-8) (Stay here for next move)

Butterfly - (This is a hip-hop move) After one pop, your feet are still on the floor and you are in a straddle position. Knees point out then in like your knee caps are going to touch, knees point out again (2-3-4), right foot goes on the step (5), left foot kicks out, (6) left foot exits and taps down on the floor (7), right foot joins the left foot and taps down (8).

Added by Lida Memarian at 2:12 AM on Monday, February 1, 1999 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Pasadena, California (USA)
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