Hot Squats

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 4078)

Hello World!

Here is a nice combo for your legs.
It will take you through seven minutes of pain on each leg, a 1/4 hour is finished afterwards. So are you.

Repeat each of the following for 8x, 12x or 16x - try 8x first time you do it.


Begin easy by squatting down to the right - simple plie, feet wide, and close again by putting the right foot near the left again. One plie is 4 counts: wide down (2) - up together (2).

Get the feeling

Change the move to a new rhythm of 8 counts: You keep this rhythm for a long time to come, be sure they get it. We will only change the move in *** *** from now on.

Move 1 - the heel

Move 2 - the hamstring

Move 3 - the sideleg

Move 4 - the knee

A new rhythm of 16 counts

Move 1 repeater - the heel

Move 2 repeater - the hamstring

Move 3 repeater - the sideleg

Move 4 repeater - the knee

Move 5 - mixed repeaters

Now you can repeat everything to the other side, or pause for something else (arms, ...), or stretch.

If you have steps ins your lesson, stand on the bench and go down with the right foot. Always lift the leg which is down (this is harder) and straighten and bend the leg on the bench. Caution: people should not "drop" from the bench when they are squatting down.When going up, they should not straighten their knees completely, always let them slightly bent. The bench makes you feel your quads!

Arms (you can use dumbbells) suggestion:

If you use steps and dumbbells, don't do too many repetitions for the first try. This is a great workout for legs, arms and heart. You will sweat, I promise!

Is there anybody out there who can explain the various arm movements of "Body Sculpting" to me? The English vocabulary is rather strange to me. Thank you all for your great input!


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