Team Heart Rate Sprints

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Not everyone has a heart rate monitor (HRM) In my class I usually have 2 to 4 people with "HRM" on. I ask before class if they could sit in key spots in our circle or semi circle. Depending on class size (we have 15 Power Pace Bikes) Example would be 12 riders, 4 people with HRM's. Have 4 teams of 3 riders. The smart athlete who is serious about exact feedback on there cardio output! gets to take the middle bike between there two teammates. (I'm slightly biased against perceived exersion heart rate monitoring.) With this all in place you now can do lots of drills I'll only say a couple. I'll give other ideas later. You'll get the idea and think of tons of better drills (And submit them!!!)

Just like the Heart Rate Race Drill I sent in earlier. You tell the class go to a moderate tension a 3 to a 4 on a scale of 1-10 (10 hard) and pedal at about 70% of maximum. Tell people with HRM's do 70% of H.R.Max. "When I say go each team will together pedal as hard and fast as they can till there HRM rider hits there 95% of max #. Of course use descretion on what kind of people you have in your class. Don't have a cardiac rehab patient who's there for a light spin be your heart rate monitor rider.

I only have the HRM rider be people who I know like the attention and work load of being the pacer for there team. When the HRM rider hits there 90 or 95% # they yell out. If the can breath? This tells there team to back off. Let the other team know they can't stop until their HRM rider is at target #.

You can also do the non competitive way of having each team do the HR Sprint to the HR riders target #. As soon that teams HR riders gets there they yell out for the next team over to go. This would continue in sucsession around the circle. A team may have Multiple HRM Riders They take turns with each set.

I do each set in a New tension and different ride position

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