Gimme Those Knees!

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I have been teaching Cardio Karate for three years and this is one of my students favorite classes. It works very well with the music from Muscle Mixes Music's Greatest Hits.

Start off with standard warm-ups (jumping jacks, windmills, mountain climbers (lunge position, hands on floor, alternating legs back & forth)). Stretch neck, arms & legs.

Right leg back, fists up by chin:

1 - COMBO:

Count out like this: forward, jabs, one, two three and COMBO (jab/cross/hook/sidekick, back (on opposite side), jabs, one, two, three and COMBO (jab/cross/hook/sidekick))


(I have my students point their toes down when doing knee strikes)

Combining 1 + 2:

Start with four jumping jacks, continue with jabs forward/combo, jabs back/combo, continue with four jumping jacks, move over for knees/kicks 4x to corner then 2x to corner then four jumping jacks...
Count out: Move to corner, GIMME THOSE KNEES!! 1,2,3,4,and kick 1,2,3,4 move to opposite corner (here we go) GIMME THOSE KNEES etc..


Add in four more jumping jacks in between each of the three different combinations (jab/cross/hook/sidekick, knees/kicks, front/round kick)

Finish class with alternating front/side/round squats 8x each.

I can do this class in 25 minutes and I have time for bag work and floor work!!

All students like organized classes and easy routines that they can follow.

Have fun and your comments are appreciated!!


You can conserve time in the first combination by teaching the jab cross, hook together and adding in the side kick with the movement forward and back.

You can also use the 4 knee/kick, 2 knee/kick as a separate combo by itself.

You can change any of the first or second combos to your own, but keep the knee/kick combo to move towards the corners of the room to break things up.

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From: East Brunswick, New Jersey (USA)
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