Dance Aerobics with a funky touch

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 4133)

It's 6 weeks ago since I've submitting on this great Web. I've been very busy, but now I take some time to submit again.

Pattern 1 (64 counts)

Repeat left (64 counts)

Pattern 2 (32 counts)

Repeat left (32 counts)

Pattern 3 (32 counts)

Repeat left (32 counts)

Pattern 4 (64 counts)

Repeat pattern

If your people have all patterns:
Split them up. Let them face to each other and take a big hit music! Now your voice cueing is very important! Don't try the visible cueing, because if you point to the right, the other group is going left!!

My people love to do this kind of classes. Hope that you enjoy it too!

Step hamstring curl around the world:
In 8 counts step right curl left, same left, right, left. Make a complete turn clockwise. Arms arms rowing up/down (pay attention: elbows breast-high!). Also your body is low (pay also attention for your back and knees above feet)

V-step and a V-step behind

Start with a slow double step touch (half tempo, 8 counts) Then bend (not to far) and shake your whole body while you're doing the squat, hands are also shaking.

Added by Wilma Ulijn at 10:05 AM on Saturday, February 13, 1999 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Oss (The Netherlands)
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