Step, no tap, part 4

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4134)

Here I am with a step-routine

Pattern 1 (32 counts)

Repeat left (32 counts)

Pattern 2

Repeat left (32 counts)

Pattern 3

Repeat left (32 counts)

Pattern 4

Repeat left (32 counts)

Step curling-jog over:

You are now facing back wall

V jump:

Can be replaced with a normal V-step


Turnstep knee-grapevine left:

The step is behind you (look out)
On count 8 you turn body half clockwise (face left wall). (Don't make the distance between you and the step too big) Now you are ready to do the step kick.

3-Repeater-knee turn:
This is a step right repeater knee left with on count 7 and 8 a complete turn against clock.

Take a walk on left:
Walk in 4 counts to other side of the step. Start facing left wall

Enjoy it and thanks for all your compliments!!!
Greeting from

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From: Oss (The Netherlands)
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