Step Circuit Anyone?

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I taught a Step Circuit class this morning and came up with the following class. THIS IS A WHOLE CLASS (minus the warmup). It nicely took care of an hour. I thought this might help anyone who is new at teaching and/or teaches a step circuit class (or a step class for that matter) and is looking for something a bit different to try with their participants. The feedback I got from my ladies this morning was awesome. They said they never got a better workout! Hopefully this works for you too!

All combos are 32 count and self reverse (as usual!)

Combo #1

Repeat other leg

Once they get this down, I then do some interval training in one to one ratio (one easy all way through, then one hard) and do that twice.

Interval: alternate toes on the step and go as fast as you feel comfortable. I do 2 blasts of hard cardio, 45 seconds, then 20 second recovery, and then 45 seconds more and then 20 second recovery to flush out that lactic acid.

Weights: I try to do all the major muscle groups in upper body - two of them go here, you pick (ie: chest press with heels in front/upright row with lunge down)

Combo #2

Repeat other leg

Once they get this down, then I go back to combo #1 and do one time through easy, one hard, one easy, one hard

Interval: Power squats over the step (ie: over the stop, squat, and back and forth you go)

Weights: pick 2 muscle groups and be happy! (ie: bicep curl with squats/tricep kickback)

Combo #3

Repeat other leg

Once they get this down, I go back to the start and go through #1 - #3, once easy, once hard (and repeat again if there is time!)

Interval: Basic steps as fast as you can for 45 seconds; 20 second break with basic steps; then 45 seconds more with the other foot leading as fast as you want to go.

Weights: any upper body muscle groups you haven't done, do here! (usually, all I do here is shoulders - you pick what you want to do)

The comments I got after this class were amazing. I told them they could work as hard or as little as they wanted, but with some upbeat music (Dynamix Sign of the Times), and some participants who really wanted to work, and an instructor who "coached" them along, they had a blast and were feeling great when they left.

This is just a suggestion for a step circuit class (or a total body conditioning class). For an hour, this is jamming everything in. I hope you like it. Any questions or comments, please let me know.

Keep fit and have fun! Keep the great patterns coming in! I love this website (and thanks to Greg for his awesome work. Without him, where would we all be?)


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