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Sometimes we all need a break, a no brainer to teach and a new level of cardiovascular challenge. I usually teach a multiple step class on Thursday mornings but one Thursday morning I got up and was not in the mood so I came up with this:

I set up six stations around the room (we have a large room) and we went from station to station as many times as we could in a 1.25 hour class.

Station #1:

In-line stepping. I set up **8** inch steps about ten in each row and we started a semi-choreographed warm up on one step each. After we stretched we moved to in-line stepping as follows:

Station 2:

Upper body strength work

Station 3:

Obstacle course: Set up steps close together 4" 6" 8" 10" 8" 6" 4" have students either walk up right lead and back left lead or sprint up and back using both legs

Station 4:

Jump rope (three minutes)

Station 5:

Wall push ups alternating with stationary lunges Station 6: Boxing center: jabs, cross punches, combos, kicks, etc... i.e. jab right jab left squat fast; squat kick

Enjoy, any feedback good or bad feel free! Any ideas or input as well is appreciated.

Loud music and positive affirmation makes this class really powerful. Really get them moving. Challenge them to the next level of step height. I stress 8 inches in this class despite what they use. The patterns are simple, keep em moving down the line.

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