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This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4149)

If you have been teaching sculpting and need some variations to add to the basics, these are a little off the wall, but are effective and safe:

*Sliding down the Wall:
Have everyone go to the surrounding walls of your room and stand up tall with their backs flat against the wall. Have them take a small step forward with both feet only, and keep everything from the lower back and up, flat to the wall. With feet firmly planted, lower the body down (4 counts) into a "seated" position like they were going to sit onto an imaginary chair, then back up (4 counts). Vary counts: go down 4 counts and stay down in the "seated position" and do pulses for 8 counts, back up 4 counts etc.. Feet stay planted the whole time, and back stays flat to the wall. Great leg and glute work.

Using the step as a weight bench, have students set up a bench with 3 or 4 blocks on each end for these:

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