Race Leader!

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4150)

When the class is real warmed up I go with this drill following JMH Breakaways (I put the JMH initial on the name to not mix up drill with the other breakaway drills.) or other race scenario type drills.

I let everyone know we're in a "race pace" (90% efforts, or 90% max heart rate with heart rate monitors) I'll then yell out, John is off the front! In my class they know this means to copy John's riding position and cadence. Its hard to get everyone at the same tension. The class can get a close idea of the lead riders tension by looking at RPMs and the look on their face. I let a race leader lead for about 15 to 40 seconds before I call out a new leader. I dont just call out "O.K. Jane take over" I make it visual. "John your killin' us buddy!" "Hey, here comes Jane. She got the whole group on her wheel. Come on Jane pull us back! Yeah!!! You're off the front! Take it to us Jane." 20 seconds later. "Oh No Jane just got a flat, SEE YA! and BARB is off the front." 40 seconds latter. Barb you're your bonking big time!" "Scott motor on by you're off the front." (Bonking is like a runner hitting the wall - blood sugar drops. Party over!)

I have to make sure I dont call on some people. I got in trouble for drawing attention to a person who would rather blend in. Use good judgement as I'm sure you do in all drills. Pre think some transition scenarios. Have fun, Be crazy!

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