Thighs, Butts & Guts!!!

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Hello everyone! I teach a lower-body toning class called Thighs, Butts and Guts. Needless to say, the ladies love it!! We spend 60 minutes focusing on all those "problem areas"!! Here are some highlights of my class....


Start with those basic squats, then carry over into one-leg squats, using the other leg just for balance....also try plie squats, with inner thigh pulses pressing outward. Another variation that works the calves as well is to lift one heel off the floor in the plie squat position. Try these with singles, 2 down 2 up, 3 down 1 up, pulses, etc.

Leg lifts around the step:

We do this toward the beginning of the class...don't be surprised if you are feeling a bit of cardio training with this, it can get you going! You start on one end of the step, doing a basic knee lift up. (one foot on the step, the other leg is lifting up) You stay in one place, your foot on the step remains planted there throughout this drill. Repeat that about 16 times, or as long as your participants can manage. Then do a side leg out (abductor), for just as long. Then work a glute press to the back for the same amount of reps. Give them a small break here....then start up again (you are still working only one leg here) do one of each, going all the way around. Front, side, back, side, front, side, back, side, just keep going until they fatigue. Then take a rest/stretch, and repeat on the other end of the step for the other leg. Focus on posture and good alignment...tell them they don't have to lift it high, just take control of the movement. Keep those hips square to the front of the room (mirrors). Try not to lean too far to one side, as this is usually an overcompensation for trying to lift that working leg too high!! :)

Outer Thighs:

Using lower-body resistance bands (24-28"), strap these babies around your ankles and perform squats (regular), then squat tap (tap one foot back), then make that tap into a glute press diagonally back. Repeat as many times as possible.

Also: Step touch side to side with the bands on to work those outer, doubles, and 4-counts each way.

Also: Laying supine on the floor (on a mat) with your legs held up above those hips (make sure the weight is centered over your hips and not too far out, putting stress on that lower back!)....with those bands still around your ankles, press your legs out away from the body (abduct). Try singles, pulses, 3 out, 1 in, etc. You will really feel those legs burning!! Remember to keep the knees soft.

Inner Thighs:

Sit on top of your step (usually placing a mat or towel underneath your bum), and sit up nice and tall, hands placed behind you to stabilize. One foot is planted on the floor with the knee at 90 degrees, the other leg is extended out in front of you, ready to lift up. Lift that extended leg (knee is soft, foot is flexed) up to the ceiling, with the foot, knee, and hip angled out to the side. Squeeze up nice and controlled, using the inner thigh. You can add a small weight for more resistance. Also try these variations: pulses, take the leg out and in, then up and down. (leg abducts, then adducts, then raises and lowers) Keep those feet off the floor!! Strong and controlled!!

Also try reaching that leg diagonally over towards that stable leg that is planted. This move hurts!!! Your class will love you.

What else? I could go on and on, we do so many killer leg moves...and then there are the butts, and of course a million and one abs for the "guts"! Any questions, feel free to email. GOOD LUCK!! Happy sculpting!!

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