Kickboxing in Savannah III

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 4176)

32 counts

(1st 8 count)

Look over shoulder for back kick & elbow jab.

(With knee block visualize grabbing someones head and slamming into your knee. With back kick, visualize kicking their knee to make them fall forward then execute elbow jab to face. (This sounds graphic, but it gives you something to focus on)

(2nd eight count)

(3rd & 4th 8 count)

Repeat this shuffle back left-lead back with opposite side hitch kick.

Hitch kick- knee lift and execute kick opposite leg (i.e. right knee lift, jump to execute left front kick-in air)

Questions, please email.

Hi, my name is Andrea R., I am a fitness instructor and aerobic director for Cory Everson's Fitness for Women in Savannah, Georgia. I am an AFAA certified instructor. I have been instructing kicking for a little more than a year and absolutely love it! I actually dedicate my class time to kickboxing, hip-hop and cycling. What can I say, they are my passion.

Remember fitness is a way of life which means fitness is for life. Keep up the good work!

"What your mind can conceive, your body will achieve."

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From: Savannah, Georgia (USA)
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