Kim W's Feb 98 Triple Step Option

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 4178)

Steps are in a horizontal position, approximately 4 feet apart, one behind each other. Ensure you leave the back row empty for the last person. Individuals can share steps. Stagger the rows side to side so that one step is in the center of the steps in the next row.


This routine is very advanced and not for the light-hearted. Break down all combos before piecing together so you don't lose your students. For the purposes of this routine, I will name steps #1, #2 and #3 working from front to back. Start is right lead behind step #1 facing front of room. Explanations for unfamiliar terms is at end. Enjoy!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

Block #7

Ready to begin from Block #1 with a left lead on #1 step. As I stated above, very advanced. I recommend teaching 3 blocks per class until they have it all. Once its completed it moves and will work up a sweat and is lots of fun.

Basic shuffle: It's a 1-2-3 quick run on top, exit step with opposite foot you started the shuffle on.

Inside loop: Turnstep, switch steps, turnstep, switch steps, you begin and end on same step (big circle).

Scissor kick: An over the top with the outside foot kicking behind the foot nearest the step and coming down on the other side, then repeat with opposite foot to come back (no taps).

Slide across the top: After finishing right lunge to floor, step left foot on top to left far end, kick out right leg (a big side leg), step right leg on top, kick out left leg, then left leg steps on top, right leg joins next to it and you power off end of step. The side leg moves will tempo change with music and slow down slightly.

Block #5: The kick sequence here is an "outside loop" that I have described in my previous submissions, except the last cross the top ends in a tap down instead of returning to the back step.

Take a hike: This is listed in my double routine submitted in Dec 98.

No tap L-step: Knee hop turn to other side in a full circle, you will now be in corner, lift outside knee like you were going to travel to other end. Repeat knee hop turn to other side (side you originally started on and repeat), you will end with the right leg and the #1 step to your right so you can do the next move (over the top).

Hamstring volley: Ham curl on #2 step, switch to #1, ham curl, switch back to #2.

Funky repeater: 2-knee repeater, step down and turn on floor, lift right knee as you are turning, then lift left knee. The 2-knee repeater moves at tempo, the other two knees move slightly slower.

EXAMPLE: Right foot to step, left knee up, does 2-repeater knees, left foot to floor, turning to right, now facing right side of room step to left, lift right knee, step down, lift left knee (do not step down, you will go over top to your left from here).

Kick-back it up-kick: Kick on step, walk back on floor X 2, kick with opposite foot and walk back to step on floor X 2.

Over-over top: Over top with right lead, turn on floor and go back over top with right lead (no tap). #3 step will be to your left, you will be facing right wall.

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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