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This is a Double Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4193)

I teach double step as right and left step, steps vertical. This pattern you start off in the middle of the steps. When you are facing the back of the room the step on your right becomes your right step and the step on your left is your left step.

Combo #1

Repeat leading left

Combo #2

Repeat leading left

Combo #3

Repeat leading left

Combo #4

Repeat leading left

Combo #5

Repeat leading left

* Stall - some people call it stomp straddle, curb step rock straddle. Left foot stomps the step right foot stomps the floor (2 counts), left foot straddles the step and stomps on the other side of the step on the floor and right foot stomps the floor again (2 counts), the last stomp is like a mambo (samba) on the step left foot on the step right foot on the floor, left foot on the floor right foot on the floor again. You can add power to this if you want. Whatever foot is farthest away from the step, that foot doesn't touch the step at all. Only the foot closest to the step is travelling.

** V-step on the right side and left side - e.g. if you are on the right side, you will be doing a V-step right. Tell your participants to stick out their right arm and that's the way they will be turning to go to the other step to do the other V-step. There are two, one on the right side and one on the left side. They will be turning over their right shoulder. If starting on the left side, they will be turning over their left shoulder.

*** 1/2 Orbit - This is a little harder to explain. Some instructors may call this something different. Start out by teaching it as a full orbit then when they have it, cut it in half. You are at the front corner of the step. You go over and you add a little turn as you go over so you are facing the back corner on the other side of the step and you do it again for a full orbit. You stay on the same lead leg through the whole thing. I sometimes teach a reverse turn first and then tell them just to take the reverse turn over the step. When they have the full orbit, cut it in half.

**** - Ham straddle around the step (1/2 way around) You could call this around the world. e.g. left ham and straddle, right ham off turning to the back corner and left ham straddle and right ham off facing the front. Hitting all for corners, going around the step.

***** - Shuffle turn - Start out by doing a turnstep to teach it. Your right foot shuffles two down the length of the step (2 counts) step left-right turning to the front.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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