???Trivia Pursuit Jumps???

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4179)

Take a bunch of those cards from the trivia game and ask them to give you a topic. Then ask a Question. The riders who don't answer the question do a 20 to 30 second sprint. The individual who answer the question does half the time. 10 or 15 seconds. Or whatever time you care to impose. You can also do teams of 3, 4 or whatever works for you.

I also at any time during the class will randomly pull out a card and hit them with a question.

Sometimes I'll have a "Jim Question" It can be health, current affair, religion. I haven't had anyone get that one correct yet :) :)

I haven't done this yet but I just thought I'll ask them double or nothing questions. This could get interesting

Happy experimenting!!! God Bless Y'all

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