Hard Core-ography 7

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4196)

Very complicated, advanced no-tap stepping! The step is horizontal. The starting place behind the step is called "Home", and for simplicity's sake, I've named the four walls as follows: Front wall- North. Back wall- South. Right wall, as you are facing front- East. Left wall- West. No matter which way you are facing, the walls will be referred to by these names...north will always be the front, etc. Credit for some of these moves goes to "Turbo". Thanks...I took some liberties.

Pattern One

Repeat pattern one beginning left lead

Explanations for pattern one...

8-count kick: This move should be done with ENERGY!


You are ready to repeat the move on the right lead, which takes you back to the home side of the step.
I cue this: over the top, travel into a mambo-chacha

Pattern Two

Repeat pattern two beginning left lead & add to previous

Explanations for pattern two...

Two-knee repeater with 4 skates:
Note: A skate is what I call a step-knee with a hop.

Counts 9-16 are the "skates", which could be replaced with four turning step touches (no knee). As you perform these, you are basically turning around the west end of the step, ending up on the front side, ready for the next move to be started at the east corner (the left from where you are standing now).

Pump shuffle:

Note: The pattern calls for three of these, so the second one leads left, and the third one leads right. This puts you in position to go over the top, LEFT lead. (If you want to get fancy, you can do the first one straddling, the second one at home, and the third one straddling the other way, which puts you in position to start your over the top left lead from the straddle position)

Pattern Three

Yell "ole!" on the mambo(s).

Repeat pattern three beginning left lead & add to previous.

Explanations for pattern three:

Broadway L-step
Note: for beginners, have them do an L-step one way and two basics left, or (even easier) a repeater and 2 basics.

Pattern Four

Repeat pattern four beginning left lead & add to previous

Explanations for pattern four:


Do this move with face guarded, like in kickboxing. Perform low to the ground, but with energy

Note: Beginners can do a regular charleston, (step-kick-lunge back-step-kick-lunge back).

"Grandpa" around the step:

As usual, here's my caution to only present this choreography to your die-hard advanced students, for obvious reasons. I find it's okay to give beginners easy options for one or two moves in a class, but if they are doing stuff that's completely different from the rest of the class ALL through the class, it's too confusing for them. And for you...have you ever tried to teach two separate classes at once?! :)

Again, thanks to all of you who email your appreciation for my breakdown of the moves. I know what it's like trying to figure out someone else's stuff, so even though it's wordy and takes forever to do, I try to be as clear as I can. If I missed my mark, let me know!

Kathy Z Grant

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