Kathy Z's QUICKIE 1

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4197)

Just a 32 count quickie block to add into your own routine. The step is horizontal; the position behind the step is called "Home". Explanations...

3-Count knee lift

Full forward turn

Pony Combo
You are on the home side of the step again, facing the front of the room.

The pony combo puts you on the left lead to repeat the pattern.

Okay, lecture time. Recently, an instructor was overheard gossiping about another instructor, TO another instructor, no less. The untruths were overheard by several bystanders, causing damage to the integrity of the targeted instructor.

Gossip shows not only a lack of integrity and professionalism on the part of the viper, it also reveals a lack of self-esteem. Maligning someone's abilities and/or character is an attempt to look better by comparison. Everyone but those indulging in gleeful galloping gossip knows the reverse is true. Gossip creates dissension in the ranks of the staff, lowers morale, causes pandemonium, and detracts from what should be our top priority: working as a team to give the highest-quality fitness programs to our clientele. Anyone overhearing vicious gossip (and the incident in my mind was CERTAINLY overheard) loses the respect of the listener. Gossip may seem harmless (unless you are the target), but who's back will the backbiter be biting when YOUR back is turned?

Be professional. Speak with kindness and integrity about your teammates. If you refuse to listen to rumors, you won't be tempted to indulge in it yourself. If you have a beef with another instructor, go directly to him/her...your failure to do so shows a lack of integrity, cowardice, and a shameful desire to inflict pain on someone else. Use your mental muscle.

Remember this: What issues forth from your lips is a direct reflection of your SPIRITUAL FITNESS. Good health really IS a matter of the heart.

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