New Moves from Gin Miller's Workshop

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 4208)

Gin did a number of exercises for what she called "flexible strength", I call it "functional strength".

Squats with cross cut motion:
Hand weights in each hand, neutral squat position, start with hands holding weights above your right shoulder, looking up at them, as you squat bring the weights across your body diagonally, in a rowing type motion following them with your eyes and twisting your torso - do a few repetitions on each side then single it out by circling the weights in the center above your head to change sides and do singles - I used this as part of the warmup in my body conditioning class - felt good to try something different.

Lateral stability: (obliques)
On the floor bring yourself up on right elbow (better on mat) and right knee, hold for 8 counts to start with, than release, then work up to 16 etc. for the last one straighten legs and hold that way. Repeat left side.

Plank: (abdominals/lower back)
On mat on floor bring yourself up onto elbows and knees, holding navel to spine, hold for varying counts - at the end bring yourself up on your toes and hold

Tricep dip variation: (off step)
Hands wider than traditional dip position since when we push up off of furniture that's our usual position - dip down and reach overhead alternating arms (it's a diagonal movement), for a challenge add a leg lift on the same side as the reaching arm.

She also did a yoga oriented stretch:
start with salute the sun, arms overhead, looking up, spine in natural position (curve okay), go into hip hinge, arms extended overhead in front now, brings hands down to floor (or shins/thighs, depending on flexibility)
Bring feet back for downward dog stretch: press through your heels, palms of your hands, lift hips to ceiling and press chest to arms, come down into a push up/cobra...

Another thing Gin mentioned which I've heard for so many years, how we don't need the passive stretch in the beginning of class - well I went cold turkey and cut mine out of my classes last week - haven't had one complaint.

Hope you find these useful. Aloha:-)

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From: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii (USA)
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