Mix It Up With Kickbox

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4209)

Combo #1:

Reverse everything on left lead

*Jump squat: Vertically jump straight up & go into squatting position upon landing. Turn to face front & prepare combo on left lead

Combo #2:

Reverse everything on left lead

*Hitch kick: This is a more advanced kick using power. Hop up & tuck right knee while simultaneously snapping the left leg into a front kick. The knee & kick should be executed on counts 1 & 2. Upon landing, hold in the ready position for counts 3& 4. (Beginners should not attempt this kick with the hop, but instead perform a snap kick without the jump)

**Twist & hop: In the "ready position" with gloves up & abs tightly crunched, do a small twist to the right for 3 counts & hop & turn to the right to end up facing the back of room. (Counts 1-6 are twisting & counts 7 & 8 are the hop, turn & landing) Repeat with a twist to the left & hop & turn left to face front of room. (Encourage students to hold abs in tight & concentrate on working the abs.)

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