Sports Conditioning Drills

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Sports Conditioning classes and sports-specific classes seem to be popping up everywhere. Men -- and women -- love coming to these classes because they don't use much choreography. They are intense and basic; anybody can participate if they want to work hard. Here are a few ideas for drills.

Ladder Sprints: Keep a length of the room clear from other equipment you may be using. Set four handweights on the floor equally spaced from each other down the length of the room. Have participants start at one end of the room. Run to the first weight and touch the floor, run back to the wall; run to the second weight and touch the floor, run back to the wall; run to the third weight and touch the floor....and so on, you get the idea.

Squat Thrusts: I did these in grade school. Set up 8-10" benches in a line. One participant to a bench. Stand in front of bench. Squat down and place hands on bench. Thrust legs out behind you, then bring them back in. Stand up. (Four counts total). These aren't too rough on the knees, because most of your weight stays in your hands.

Tire Sprints: Most aerobic rooms are not equipped with tires, so I use jump ropes, set up in circles along the length of the room. Have participants "run through the tires", in and out, in and out. Run back to the beginning of the line and repeat.

I like to use these kinds of drills in an interval or circuit class. Combine with weight work, jump roping, plyometric jumps, etc.

If anyone has any ideas for sports conditioning drills, PLEASE, PLEASE share them with me, either by email or on this site.

If you have any questions or comments, write me.

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