5 minute 5 position Time Trial

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4244)

This is done at anearobic threshold. Which is just short of the point in which you develop the painful lactates that slow you down. About 90% Max Heart.

(Tension guide: 1 = no tension. 10 = can't push the pedal)

First minute: Real fast RPMs with a 3 tension. Seated in a aerodynamic position. Dont have too light of a tension.

Second minute: Same position as 1st minute, raise tension to a 6. This is actually the load you'd experience in an actual time trial. They may need to go at a 5 if they're new. Try to encourage folks to not mash with thigh only. Use hamstrings at bottom and lift as you come up stroke. This will be evident by torso bobbing up and down with the pedal stroke. Back off the tension if you can't work the weaker parts of the pedal stroke.

Third minute: Stand. The same tension as 2nd minute. Stand in a low aero position with rear just over the seat. Torso down low. Weight over your feet, not the bars.

Fourth minute: Come up to a position were the torso is at a 45 degree and your hips can move foreward only slightly. Tension 7 or 8. They'll need to use arm pull to push. Stay off the bars. Keep back near the saddle.

Fifth minute: Repeat 1st minute. This help to spin and loosen up from such a huge muscle recruitment drill. Do this seated.

Tell the class before you do the drill "We're going to do a real tough time trial. It's 5 minutes of pure joy. :) Some may not want to put out a 90% effort for the whole drill. A goal I have for you is to at least commit to the first minutes. Give it all you have. At the end of the 1st minute, see what you have left. Maybe you need to rest and maybe you have 30 more seconds. If you need to back off do it! When you are ready get back in with us."

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