Chasin' Peter Pan

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 3831)

A. 32 count - Captain Hook's chasing Peter Pan

(Repeat with left lead)

(**Note: I call the first 8 counts of this combination "The Captain Hook"; I call the second 8 counts "Peter Pan")

B. 64 count - Tinkerbell

(**Note: The step hop in the first 8 counts of this part of the combo should be done as a leap - just like Tinkerbell would do!!!)

C. 64 The Lost Boys

(**Note: "Stroll 'n' Grape is a double grapevine with the first 4 counts as a walk instead of a grape)

I add some "Fencing" after the "Lost Boys" Combo to get back to the start of the phrase...

"Fencing" is done just as if one were actually fencing. Feet positioned in an "L" position. Right toes facing right, left toes facing front. Left hand on hip. Right hand up as if holding a sword. Step right 8 times, "dragging" left foot behind. Jab sword point with right hand extending from the shoulder...

Repeat with left lead.

I "fence" until I get back to the top of the phrase...

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From: Fairhope, Alabama (USA)
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