Actually Race indoors!!!

This is a Cycling pattern from (pattern 3845)

You must get people wearing heart rate monitors.

Get everyone to 75% on the heart monitors. If someone does not have a heart rate monitor, tell them to go to exhaustion. When you are at 75%, sit up right in the basic riding position. This position is torso upright, and hands on the cross bar. When everyone is in basic position I say, "GO!" This is there cue to pedal in the designated tension as hard and fast as humanly posible until they achieve 95% of maximum heart rate. When you hit 95% go to the basic riding position. (For visual ease and safety place heart rate monitor on handle bar)

This is a bona fide race and I've never seen members work so hard in my life! It's a level playing field. The young and old fit and fat can duel it out. They know this, and that's why there is such great participation. Here is how I lay it out:

1st sprint. Moderate tension. Its hard to hit 95% because there is not much tension, but if you stay in there it will take about a minute and some change.

Take about a 2 minute rest, or till back to 75% maximum heart rate.

2nd sprint. Seated climb (not to heavy) Its much easier to hit 95%

2 minute recovery, or 75%.

3rd sprint. Heavy tension. It's a tension that at first you pick up the rpms from the start. but after about 20 seconds you're losing the power to sustain the rpms. Don't lighten your tension unless your about to grind to a halt. You'll probably hit 95% real quick.

2 minute recovery and start over.

Next set you may say, after the work set do your own start based on how quickly you get back to 75%. This way real fit do more and less fit don't explode!

Whether as a race or personal recovery it's a gaser. Let me know if you improve on my idea. I'd like to see new angles on my submission. Thank you!

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From: Wenatchee, Washington (USA)
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