Kat #4 Cool down

This is a [Other] pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 3848)

I use this in my floor and step classes for cooling down. Remind participants to "keep their hands below the level of their heart. Take small steps since we're cooling it down."

Progress to:

Then make your step touches move forward and backward.

"Grapevine right, step touch move forward, 4, 3, 2, move back 4, 3, 2, grapevine left, step touch move forward 4, 3, 2, move back 4, 3, 2"

You're tapping forward and not side to side while moving up and back.

"2 steps right, 2 steps left."
"2 steps right, add a tap with the left leg, 2 steps left, add the tap with the right leg"
"This move works on your balance"

Finishing it off with grapevine again at the top of your 32 count music.

"2 steps left, tap right, now grapevine right and left"

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