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I really enjoy reading everyone's cycling ideas. I am a certified Cycle Reebok instructor, so please bear with the different use in terminology.

Every class that I teach, I have a new theme. To help everyone focus on the imagery of the ride, I turn the lights off in class. We have nighlights around the room and glow-in-the-dark stars glued to the dark blue walls. The nightlights provide enough light for me to be able to check the form of the class members. I always make my own tapes, so it can really add to the theme of the class. (By the way, I can't wait to play the Superbowl Game - I already have my Jock Jam CD ready!!)

Island Theme

My music includes songs that have an island flair, such as Jimmy Buffet (Margaritaville), Van Morrison (Brown eyed girl), Beach Boys (Kokomo), etc. Of course the cooldown song has to be "Don't Worry Be Happy" (everyone will be remembering class ALL DAY LONG!) I make sure that the music varies in tempo throughout the entire class.

The ride:
My class has magic bikes that can do virtually anything. We begin our ride across the ocean, rolling over the easy waves. We use lifting techniques at this point with a moderate to easy tension. (lifting: alternating intervals between standing and hovering over the seat at the same tension) I vary the intervals throughout the entire class (15 sec intervals, 10 or 5, depending on the "wave size"). Once we get to land, I focus on the island layout. For example, St Lucia is a volcanic island, with steep mountains, so we continue our ride with very steep climbs (either seated or standing with varying degrees of tension)

We then "island hop", of course, over more waves, to a different type of island. Aruba has beautiful beaches on one side of the island, and dangerous cliffs on the other. We ride on the beach, first at the water's edge where the sand is hard. At this point, our tension is fairly easy, since we are recovering from the ocean ride. We ride out of the water into the dry sand, our bike wheels are sinking down. At this point we are standing with heavy tension. We continue to a dirt road and ride the circumference of the island. Aruba tends to have short rain storms, so I add them into the ride. As we ride around the island, we go through many short storms. We stand, with light tension, and sprint through the rain. I do several different sets of sprints. (sometimes we are sprinting away from all the stray goats). We move on to yet another island, usually Nassau, or someplace very commercial. We race other vacationers (of course, we always win!) I like to do relay sprints on the beach. I divide the class into 3 groups, each group being a relay team. Person 1 sprints for 10-15 seconds (moderate-hard tension - remember we are in sand). At the end of his sprint, person 2 sprints, and so on.

At the end of the ride, we ride toward a cruise ship to take us home. We realize we are going to miss it if we don't sprint. That is the last technique of the class. Once on the ship, we cool down.

I hope that you could follow this ride. It is especially great when it is really cold. Thanks for reading.

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