Kim W's Jan 99 L-step

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 3865)

Benches are placed in a L-step pattern, an upside down 7. The front step will be horizontal and the step to your right will be vertical. The step ends do not touch as in a typical L-step pattern. They will line up the same but be approximately one jumping jack space apart. This facilitates a couple of moves and gives more room so you don't trip over your step. Start will be right lead on front step. For the purposes of this submission I will name the front step #1 and the step to the right #2. Explanations for unfamiliar terms is at end.

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

You are now ready to repeat from Block #1 with a left lead on #2 step.

L-rock: Left knee off end, turn towards step end and lift right knee then lift left knee again and straddle step. You will be facing right wall with step in between legs.

Double turnstep: Turnstep on #1 step, switch steps and turnstep again on #2, same lead leg on both steps for the turn.

Take a hike: This is explained on my previous double step submission for Dec 98. Big steps to get back to #1 step.

Inverted V-step: Using left lead to start, go to corner of both steps, do a V-step on the step ends turn left to go to floor and do a V-step on the left lead on the floor and turn left back to the corner. Your kick volley comes next and that left turn will take you to the inside of the #1 step to start your kick volley.

Kick volley: Kick right leg on #1 step, switch and kick left leg on #2 step and switch back to #1 step for next move.

L-squat: Knee off end of step and squat out on floor with outside foot. Left knee off end, squat out with left left.

Corner fake-out: You will be on left lead, act like you're going to do a corner to corner to right but exit step to left. Example: Left foot steps forward on step, right foot going to corner, still moving forward on step. Left foot comes to floor off of left side right foot joins it on floor.

Skate on top: Step right foot up on #2 step, curl left foot, step left foot on #1 step, curl right, step right foot down, curl left and exit step.

1/2 Rock step: From a straddle position, curl left leg, then lift right knee and then you are ready to go over the top.

Four quick heels: Four quick heels on floor always starting with outside foot, four counts only.

Corner-to-corner walkout: Do a regular corner-to-corner, but instead of tapping down, start walking back on floor and going around end of step so that #2 step is on your right. You will march back 6 times to get around step end to complete the 8 counts.

Enjoy and email if you have any questions/problems. Big moves in this one, will definitely give them a workout and its fun.

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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