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The following ideas are for those days/evenings when the weather is really crummy and only a few participants show up for a class. Since you only have maybe five people one night, leave the music off, it will make for a more intimate atmosphere for your class. Gather them in a circle and go through your usual routine but have each one of them participate in counting out loud for the rest of the class. Or, have the entire class count out loud and tell them if they don't make more noise, they will have to do a hundred more! Pair them off back to back with one pool prop per pair (foam dumbbell, blue board, ball). While standing back-to-back, the one holding the prop twists to the left and hands it off to their partner. That partner then twists to the left and hands it back. A waist twist that can be made more difficult if the prop is submerged. Another move you can do in pairs is with a noodle: With one noodle per pair, standing face-to-face, one person holds the noodle with a close grip in the middle, and the other holds the same noodle with a wide grip. Close grip pulls toward themself, and wide grip tries to resist, then they switch (they usually start to giggle and laugh with this one). Even a small class can be made special!

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