Funky Wunky

This is a Warmup pattern from (pattern 3944)

Begin by marching right lead facing bench.
Turn as you march to face left wall. Now you are on the other side of the bench.
Repeat left lead.

I teach this by repeating the ("double-step-tap", "over the top") for 32 or 64 beats.

Then, on the "1" count, I start over, ("double-step-tap, over the top") now adding on the ("walk around"). For 32 or 64 beats.

On the next "1" count, I mambo-cha-cha for 32 beats.

Then I put it all together and repeat from the "top" for about 4 repetitions.

"Double-step-tap": Stand facing left wall so bench is at right side. Right foot goes up-down-up-down=4 beats. End up both feet together on the floor.

("mambo-cha-cha" right and left), can also be a (lunge forward right and back to standing, then lunge forward left and back to standing).

Either one =8 beats.

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From: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
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