Cabin Fever Creations

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Combo One:

(at the back of the box, facing the left wall) Repeat other lead

Combo Two:

(at the back of the box, facing the left wall) Repeat other lead

I came up with this pattern last week while holed up in my apartment for two days (thank you horrible snowstorm). It's amazing what cabin fever creates; these are two pieces I devised which you may want to use at different parts of the class as they both start the same way and therefore may confuse both you and your participants! Both combos are self reversing.

Notes for combo one:

*Funky repeater:
Instead of a regular 3 knee-repeater, from the back of the box, go up-up on the box and do two knee lifts off the front of the box (I call this a double knee repeater instead of a regular 3 knee) and then exit off the back

Half hop straddle down and repeat to form what I call a "weave" - the trick here is to ensure that your participants finish the second straddle in order to transition back to the A-step; once they practice this a few times and learn to trust their feet and you, it's quite fun!

You can break this down by doing the A-step straddle diagonal for a while and then adding on two sets of regular repeaters, then switch to funky repeaters then change second repeater to "weave".

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From: Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
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