Blues Brothers

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I used a CD that had two selections that were a huge success. They are both off a Blues Brothers CD (the original, from the movie).

Minnie the Moocher - I used 4 varying riding positions basic seated, aggressive seated, aggressive standing, and piston jog (standing with hips over seat and fingertips on handlebars). I timed it so that we would be in the piston jog position when Cab Calloway got to the chorus. We all sang along with the audience (you know "hi de hi de hi de hi" etc). It was fun and is also an additional challenge to sing and pedal.

Rawhide - We did a standing drill for the entire song and everyone was encouraged to say things like "yah" and make whip cracking sounds.

Other ideas:

Shake a Tailfeather - jumps/slides since they are lifting their "tailfeather" off the seat

Theme from Peter Gunn - last aerobic song because of the ending (you'd have to be familiar with the song to know what I mean).

It's a great album. Most songs are perfect for cycling. I think the music makes or breaks a cycling class.

If anyone needs clarification, email me.

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From: Rochester, Minnesota (USA)
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