Inverted L Excitement

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 3990)

The benches are located one to your left (home) and one horizontal in front of you (away) so they form an upside down "L"

Start to the right of home, with your right lead. You need to face the back wall. Start with alternating knees, hams, kicks etc. to get your students used to the movement.

First Pattern:

Repeat with left lead, starting on away bench. (32)

Second Pattern:

Repeat with your left lead starting on the away bench. (32)

I was teaching a regular double bench class, with the benches vertical. Part way through the class we would take the "away" bench and move it forward and turn it to form the inverted "L".

My class loved it! If you are teaching a double bench class try it. It is a great workout because the alternating moves require a larger movement due to the bench spacing. With slight modifications you can change any of your regular double step patterns to the "L-Bench" as we now call it.

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