Little Add-on

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4001)

This little 32-count is self-reversing and helps fill out another piece I submitted last week (I'll provide it again):

(step is horizontal) Start with whichever lead you want:

Repeat opposite lead

*Horseshoe: also known as "turn-straddle-turn" or "U-turn"; I have the "baby U-turn" in this piece so I avoid using "U-turn" twice. Simply turnstep, go immediately into a straddle and then right into another turn and exit (you'll be on the front of the box facing the back). Make sure your participants exit off the front and don't straddle again - a common mistake, I find.

**"Baby U-turn": like a mini turnstep at one corner of the box to get you facing the opposite direction, ready to repeat the moves or start another with the opposite lead.

I use the above with the following:

(Cabin Fever Combo, part two, I believe)

Repeat opposite lead.

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From: Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)
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