Aquatic Sports Conditioning

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This class utilizes sports conditioning drills and music making this one of my favorites to teach.

Power Music has a tape for sports conditioning that has a fairly consistent tempo of 140 BPM and the music is great!

Warm up: Jogging patterns at 3 different tempos

1st activity: Jumprope

Start with 16 counts - about 2 turns of the rope for every count, then have a short recovery (low to moderate jump ropes)
32 counts then recovery
32 counts with "fancy arms" (turn, turn, turn, cross the rope in front) then recovery

You can continue with the sets adding a variety of legs like jumping jacks, jacks with knee lifts and heel curls, alternating legs, repeater legs etc.

2nd Activity - Skiing and skating

3rd Activity - basketball and surfing

4th Activity - Boxing & karate kicks

Toning - Baseball, golf using a hand bell or noodle swing the full range of motion
Baseball swings
Golf swings
Tennis backhands

Other sports ideas you can use are "spinning" on your noodle if you have a deep or deeper end of your pool, lunges with bow and arrow arms (especially if you have resistance bands to add to the arms), football punts, power walking, cheerleader jumps and polaris jumps. Intervals are another great way to train.

Good luck with your classes and let me know what you think.

Tina Price
AEA certified instructor

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