This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 4030)

I always use visuals in my classes. This is one that all people can really visualize because we all have probably done this as kids.

I usually use a song that has a moderate tempo. I tell the class we found a nice round, inground pool. Everybody jumps in and treads water. Here you have the class between light and medium tension and stand upright and relaxed....Tread water.

Then tell everyone get into a circle and race to the edge of the pool so everyone will be in a big circle when they get to the edge. Here you have them sprint, still standing, but in a racing stance.

Now that your at the edge of pool, you sit down. Imagine your self creating a whirlpool in the pool. Everybody use your right leg only (don't forget to remind them to use quads and hamstrings buy pushing and pulling in the pedals.) see yourself going clockwise (because right leg is leading) around the pool.

Tell them go a little faster to get the whirlpool going. Then tell them to go a little faster again.


Now everyone turn around and swim into the whirlpool - Here you tell them to use both legs and use HEAVY TENSION. After 15 seconds ease the tension a little (because we're cutting through the whirlpool and it's starting to let up). Then after 15 seconds again take it back to your beginning tension, and star over using the left leg and go counterclockwise. Have fun!!!

Constantly implant the visual in their minds of which leg they should concentrate on using hamstrings and quads, seeing the funnel, and how hard it is to swim into the whirlpool.

If anyone has questions please email me. This is a good one to work one side at a time and getting the hamstrings involved, because the quads easily take over in cycling.

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