Double Attack

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Hello instructors:
I love teaching cardiokickboxing as a fitness alternative but I also encourage the practical use of these thecniques I explain students how can they use what they have learned in real life and they are really impressed with the results. It makes them feel they are learning something new as they get in shape. Check out what I call double defense combos, defending yourself from two attacks one from the front and another from the back.

Combo #1 (8 counts)

Starting from a basic fighting stance right leg back and arms in a pyramid position. Stay facing the back of the room and start all over with the other lead. For advanced students or a higher impact substitute the step kick with a skip kick same thing only jumping forward as you execute the move.

Combo #2 (8 counts)

Repeat left lead
*Pushing kick- It looks like a regular front kick but it is more powerfull. Bring the leg from behind knee toward the chest and push forward, the impact is with the whole bottom of the foot and your body pushes forward as you kick also.
*Palm strike- Bring the arm straight forward and strike with the palm of the hand. The hand position is fingers slightly bent not relaxed.

This will probably be my last pattern submited before I take a break to have a baby, thank you all for the encouraging emails and keep up the good work. Questions or ideas email me.

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From: Hawaii (USA)
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