Fit Bodies part 2

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 4040)

All combos start with a right lead then repeat on the left lead.

Combo #1

Repeat with left lead

This is a combo I got from Kathy Grant on her "Hard core-graphy" turnstep submission in December. It's an awesome combo, my class loved it. I did change the alternating basics to step knee as I used the basic in combo #3. Tap in on her pattern to get the specifics.

Combo #2

Repeat with left lead

Tap safe is a lunge but you push your bottom out and use your arms like an umpire calling someone safe. I hop between the lunges for intensity. When I chug it's like the direction of an over the top but you're on the floor so that you end up on the front side of the step for your turns or weaves. A weave step is a step hip extention but you elevate the heel off the step and use your leg in the back to sort of propel you to the other end of the step. Then step up with the opposite foot and come back were you came from.

Combo #3

Repeat with left lead

Double kick move is great fun. The double kick with left lead is count 1 left foot steps on right end of step, count 2 right foot kicks, count 3 taps floor, count 4 right kicks again, count 5 right steps down, count 6 left foot kicks as you turn your body to face the left wall to prepare for the walk forward then cha cha cha 7 and 8 counts.

Combo #4

Repeat with left lead

This routine will really get your heart rate up if you intensify some of the moves. My class loves it. Hope yours will too! Email with any questions. Hope I explained's late and I'm tired!

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