Cara's CRUNCH LA style II

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After spending a week in LA, here's 2 quick patterns I developed after experiencing the LA fitness scene. WOW!

I Pattern - 32 count tapless, self-reversing pattern

Right lead from south of step, facing north

Flip straddle explanation follows:
Reverse pivot, straddle, knee up &off:

Repeat with left lead!

II Pattern

Right lead from south of step

LA Repeater explanantion:
Facing west, left foot on step and lift right knee, pivot 180 to face east, counts 1,2. Quick lunge right foot on south side of step and quick lunge left foot on north side of step still facing east. These are count 3&4. Step left foot on step ct 5, lift right knee up count 6 reverse 180 pivot to face west , then step off right foot down, left foot down off north side of step counts 7,8.

Weave explanantion:
Weave over the top lead left foot on step and swing right foor behind and over the step, right foot down, left foot down facing west off south dside of step.

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