The Dolphin

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Hi All...

I stole this move from SHAPE magazine...they called it the dolphin... maybe it's me...I see no dolphin here...anyways...

This is a variation on a push-up, so all the basic push-up rules apply...back flat, abs in, etc...

Begin on your elbows and knees, elbows directly under shoulders... (I choose not to cross ankles, but I am sure you can if you like) Now, keep elbows wide apart, directly under shoulders, but clasp hands your hands and arms form an upside down "V" looking down at them... Using your upper back, chest and shoulders, lower your chest, as you would in any push up, so your nose barely touches your thumbs...then back is key to keep good push-up form.

I think this is a nice variation on the push-up, working the same muscles a little differently...and I think it is a great lead-in to your traditional hands and knees push-up, then onto the full toes and hands push-up...please try it...hope you enjoy

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From: Andover, Massachusetts (USA)
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