Dust it off!

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5068)

I thought I'd take some of my routines out of my file and share them with you all. This one is probably close to being 2 years old, time to dust it off and bring it out of retirement. Nothing extremely fancy, but fun, nonetheless.

Combo 1

Repeat on left

*Walk the step--it may be called something else, but here is a description-- on left lead, facing right side of room, left foot to bench while right foot lifts off floor slightly (1), right foot back to floor (2), left foot steps to floor ahead of right foot, sort of a mambo move, again, right foot lifts slightly (3), right foot back to floor (4), left foot back to step as right lifts slightly again (5), right foot back to floor, once again (6), left foot steps back down to floor behind the right foot, again it resembles a mambo, right foot is slightly lifted (7), and finally right foot back to floor (8), you have completed "walk the step". I usually put the class into stomp (chug, peg leg, whatever you call it) while I demo. This move, it's easy to transition to it from stomp.

Combo 2

Repeat left

Combo 3

Repeat left

*Figure eight -- starting with left lead-- diagonal, right lead hop turn, right lead diagonal, left lead hop turn

Combo 4

Repeat left

Combo 5

Repeat left

I remember getting a lot of energy from my classes with this material. I'm sure most of it is borrowed and reworked. Have fun with it, I sure did. I think I may use some of it again, myself!

Thanks to all who make this place happen!

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