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This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5069)

 H-HOME        R-RED

This is one full combo, I'll break it down into sections. Start with a right lead on Home.

Glossary of the terms I use:
Volley - alternate move from side to side, as in Home to Red
Ping-Pong - alternate move from front to back, as in Home to Jail
Horseshoe - turn-straddle-turn
Crazy 8 - (right lead from Home or Left lead from Red) Turn on Home, step knee on Jail, turn on Red, step knee on Green (or reverse if going from Red first)
2 Travel - repeat the move on the next step over
/ means you can teach this part alone in a breakdown of the combo
Each section picks up on the lead leg the previous section left you on.

Section #1

**As a breakdown, substitute the 1/2 hop on Home by traveling to Red (using the footwork for a double turn) and do a step kick - you will then be ready to start from the top with a left lead on Red

Section #2

**To teach these 2 sets (Home-Jail-Green, Green-Red-Home) as a breakdown, go ahead and do the 180 degree turn until you are ready to move on, then cue the second set of jacks without the turn. You can also pyramid-teach this with Section #1 by substituting a 1/2 hop on Red and two jacks instead of the walk from Red to Home with 2 jacks. This will once again leave you with a left lead to start from the top of Section #1 on Red.

Section #3

**As a breakdown by itself, continue to go around the world as long as you want. When you are ready to add it to Sections #1 and #2, end on Red by finishing the last knee-straddle with one more straddle (so, coming from Green, go to Red and knee-straddle-knee-straddle). This will leave you with the left lead to put all three sections together and teach the combo starting from Red.

Total of 32 counts of 8 for entire combo, working both sides.

The only caution I'd make in cueing the combo to start from Red is that my class needs me to remind them well in advance that they need to finish the straddle on Red and immediately start with the left lead for the Horseshoe 2 travel - it comes quickly! Practice it quite a bit yourself first.

If you have any questions or can't figure something out, email and ask me. It's hard, as you know, to put in print exactly how you break your combos down. Enjoy!

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