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Combo 1

I have been swiping patterns from here for a year or so and have never seen anyone using the hi/lo move. It works great because it uses the legs too which really keeps the heart rate up while doing relatively easy stationary punch combos.

They are done in each stance (right lead, then left lead) I usually offer students to either 'turn around' meaning simply step one foot back to switch leads OR (advanced) we 'hop-switch' on the last count to change sides. It is an actual 180 degree hop turn in place.

At then end of each hi/lo set I will have then hold the lo (squngeing down low and jab/crossing or hook/uppering tempo) it really burns the legs in a good way.

Squnge= a squat and a lunge combined. IE in left position, left foot pointing straight ahead, right foot behind and to the right, pointing about 45 degrees out.

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