Interactive Add-On

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Interactive Add-On:

Truly simple but loved by most levels, since the participants get to interact and recognize the "moves", have to think of what they already know, and appreciate the staff:

This is an Add-On pattern, such as in most basic aerobic classes.

Starting with any move, e.g. half jacks, repeat 8x; turn 1/4 to left. Repeat half jacks 8x, then have one of the class participants call out the second move, e.g. cross-country ski, 8x; 1/4 turn left again, begin with 8 jacks again, then the second move, 8 skis. At this point, a third participant can call out an additional move, 8 counts; 1/4 turn left again, 8 jacks, 8 skis, 8 of #3move (e.g. pendulums), then participant #4 calls out yet another move to ADD-ON. (hamstring curls). One more 1/4 turn and repeat the pattern: 8 jacks, 8 skis, 8 pendulums, hamstring curls. Class should be back to facing the instructor during this last set of repeated moves.

Depending on how many participants are in the class, you could go around taking 1/4 turns to the right adding on four more moves from four additional participants.

I found this to be fun for a variety/party class, or even a theme class. It also gives everybody confidence if they haven't been exercising very long.

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