Kim W's Jul 99 Horizontal Double

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 5099)

Steps are placed in a horizontal position, one behind the other with approximately 2-riser widths between steps. Start is on right lead on front step. For the purpose of this submission, front step is #1 and back step is #2. Explanations for unfamiliar terms is at end. Enjoy!

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

Block #5

Block #6

Ready to begin with a left lead on #1 step from first block.

L-step Dig--knee off end of step, 4 quick heel digs starting with inside foot.

Hike--see Kim W's Jun 99 Quad Step for explanation of this step.

Jump Shot--just a tap up/down with a hop.

Inside Loop--turnstep, switch steps, turnstep, switch steps again. End and begin on same step.

Rock-Straddle--all on top of step. Step knee lift, step ham curl, step knee lift and straddle step.

Syncopated Mambo--3 count mambo on left foot, 3 count mambo on right foot, mambo starts from center of both steps on floor.

Turn-Ski--do a regular turnstep, but instead of tapping down with inside foot next to outside foot, tap the inside foot behind the outside foot, then ski twice on floor, then with both feet together hop X 2 on floor to inside of #2 step.

Scissor--an over the top with the outside foot coming behind the inside foot and coming down on the other side first. On the second scissor, do it like a backwards hop so you can face the step and the back of the room.

Outside loop--across the top (long way), switch steps (2 counts), across the top again on the front step and end tapping down on the end of the front step. This move is 8 counts only so you must power up to get around both steps.

Push-It--from a straddle position, hop forward X 2 with a small tempo change (each push is 2 counts)--use some attitude!

Reverse-Turn, Walk-out--start a reverse turn with the left foot facing back of room, instead of tapping it out, turn on floor so that you are facing the front and ready to do your next step (repeater). EX: Left foot up, right foot up (now facing back of room), left foot to floor while turning to front of room, right foot to floor (still turning). You are now facing front of room, this move is 4 counts only.

Repeater Run--right knee up, run straddle step X 3 (run 3 times while you are straddling step), right knee up again and turn as if you were going to repeat in the other corner of the step for the next move.

Please email for questions!

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From: Benton, Louisiana (USA)
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