Riding the Long & Steady

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5102)

Try this cycle class. You'll find it's much more challenging than you expect! I really encourage my participants to use heart rate monitors and I lead my classes and the techniques according to what percentage of maximum heart rate they should be working with. This class lends itself beautifully for that.

The class is a 45 minute ride in the saddle; no hills, jumps, sprints, etc.

Lead the warm up (about 7-8 minutes) at 55-60% MHR (maximum heart rate)

The remainder of the ride progresses up to 65, 70, 75, 80, 85% MHR

It's all steady riding, so you'll stay at a percentage for a period of time (say, 5-10 minutes) Help participants adjust cadence and resistance to achieve the desired heart rate zone. Be sure to remind them to relax unnecessay muscles (i.e. upper body & face). I also offer them the opportunity to lift (gently, without accelerating heart rate much) to take a "posterior break" as needed.

The cool down is about 5 minutes at 55-60% MHR.

This is a challenging ride to teach. The keys are to use strong motivational cues and great music. I like to use ethnic, new age, trance music (my participants know it as "Kharma Music"). It cooks! I'm happy to share the music with you. E me.

This is also a good ride to GET OFF THE BIKE, spend time with the riders, help them spin, help them relax their shoulders, help them to stop bouncing in the saddle, encourage them, compliment them individually.

I wasn't sure how my participants would receive this class, but they loved it. Hope you do, too. Cycle on!

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