Kathy Z's Hard Core-ography B-1

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5174)

Here's the first advanced step routine in my next Hard-Core series. The one below was designed from another turnstep instructor (Dan) who wanted choreography help for a special project of his. For the routine below, the step is horizontal; north-south-east-west directions. Explanations for the moves follow the patterns.

Pattern One

Repeat pattern beginning left lead.

Pattern Two (a 64 count routine)

Repeat pattern beginning left lead & add to pattern one.

Pattern Three

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other patterns.

Pattern Four

Repeat pattern beginning left lead and add to other patterns.


Turnstep walkout:
This is a regular turnstep, up-up-down-walkback-walkback-walkback-tap-walk forward-walk forward. Puts you on the left lead.

You can turn forward or backward, whichever you prefer. Both of these land straddling the step.

Walk the curb:
A side-approach mambo, front then back.

L-Grapevine, beginner version:
This is a right-lead knee-lift off the end (like an L-step), tap on count 4, then grapevine (you might call it a hustle, but I call it a grapevine even though it's moving front-back) toward the front wall, tap and grapevine backwards, returning to the west end of the step. Do a right lead knee lift to return back to "home", where you began the move. Then repeat off the other end to complete 32 counts.

L-Grapevine, advanced version:
Same as the beginner version, except that when you do the knee lift off the end, you TURN AND FACE THE BACK OF THE ROOM WHEN YOU LAND. You DO NOT TAP on count 4. Grapevine toward the back wall, tap and grapevine backwards back to the west end of the step. When you do the knee lift back "home", you will land on the NORTH side of the step, still facing the back wall. Then you repeat, RIGHT LEAD AGAIN, off the east end of the step. On this second run-through, you will do your knee-lift off the east end and TURN AND FACE THE FRONT OF THE ROOM AGAIN. You do not tap after that knee-lift. Grapevine toward the front wall, tap and grapevine back to the east end of the step, still facing the front. Do a knee-lift, left-lead, back to "home". Everyone, regardless of which option they are doing, ends up at home after 32 counts. If you try to only do this move on one end, the advanced people will end up on the front of the step, still on a right lead; this makes it necessary to do a full 32-counts.

3-Knee L-step:
Beginners can do a regular L-step...

Pump-3 shuffles:
I've had this in several turnstep submissions. It takes you from the home side of the step to the front and then back again.

Then repeat right lead to east corner, which brings you back home.

Beginners do a regular charleston (2 karate kicks to the corner, same lead, same corner)...advanced do one karate kick, ending in 4 skis (legs scissor front to back).

In this pattern, you begin on the same lead as the charleston-ski...up-up to go over the top towards the front wall on counts 1 & 2. On count three, put one foot on the floor (north side of the step), and hold the position for count four. You can get creative here and shake your groove thang, or do a pony using the step on counts 3 & 4. The march around the step begins with the foot on top of the step.

Beginners can do a regular L-step...

Then repeat the move on the right lead, heading on a diagonal to the southwest corner. When you finish, you will be pointed to the northeast corner again, as will the beginners.

Before this move you will do a repeater off the west end, right lead, with NO TAP! Then you...

You should be slightly to the east of the east end of the step with your right foot. Then you do a left-lead full pivot on the floor.

Beginners can do a repeater to the west CORNER of the step, and then do a regular swoop...

Everyone ends up in the same place at the same time, ready to do the pivot. Beginners can do a mambo on the floor instead, if they would prefer.

Beginners can do two up-tap, down-taps with a side approach instead. Advanced people go up up, left-right side approach; lunge the left foot to the floor on the north side and return to top; step down at home, facing east, right left; lunge the right leg out to the side (toward the back wall) and return to position beside the left foot. You face the east wall through the entire move.

Thanks again for all of the email I've received about my submissions. Oodles of credit, as usual, goes to my email buddies who keep me supplied with ideas! If you'd like to share moves or variations, email me!

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