Diagonal and Back Again

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 5190)

The orientation is horizontal, and I'm using Kathy Z's north-south-east-west terminology.

Final Combo:

Start facing West, at the East end of the step. Right foot leads: Repeat the combo 3 more times, exchanging the 3 knees back with 3 adductors, 3 kicks, then one each: knee, adductor, kick.

Shuffle turn: same idea as a turnstep, except lead foot shuffles down the board 2 times, then turn off the board and repeat the shuffle back.

I teach the "shuffle turn/step knee/over" move at the beginning, and then integrate it into the final combo. I build up to this by doing 2 shuffle turns, 2 step knees; then 2 shuffle turns, over board & back; then finally 2 shuffle turns, step knee, over; then teach it on the other side.

When doing this combo for the first time, I transition to the left lead by doing 7 turnsteps and one tap up.

When I combine this combo with other combos, it flows smoothly into the next combination.

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From: Alexandria, Virginia (USA)
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