Deep Express

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Hello from Australia, hope you & your class enjoy my DEEP CIRCUIT & EXPRESS. Please email & let me know if you would like more Deep Water classes & also if you do not understand my wording, it's a water wonderland, let's use it.

DEEPWATER :_ belts EQUIPMENT:_ whatever you have available

Remember abs in & work your class to there own ability.

My class size for today will be :- say 24 people.

I usually work 8 stations, 2 per station, 8x2=16 . 8 people over will work the express lane.

WARM UP :_ whatever you do, maybe work the express, with different jogs, short, long, knees in, knees out etc warming up the arms as well, breathe stroke forward, back - endless. All Circuit is done near the wall of the pool & on the spot. Express Lane opposite side.

The remaining 8 PEOPLE WILL WORK THE EXPRESS LANE, which they will jog in the middle of the pool, UP to no. 1. & Down to NO. 8, keeping the express lane going, keep there jog at a good pace, tell them like being on the Express way, keep a constant pace. Keep going till the groups rotate.


EQUIPMENT STATIONS :- Use any equipment. that you have, paddles, noodles, bands etc & work stationary moves, say arm work. If you do not have equipment, do stationary arm moves, or any thing you feel would be great.

INTERVAL MOVES :- work your class to the pace they feel comfortable with, one group may need longer rest times, you can vary each groups.

Good idea to use stand up cards for your stations, easy for you & your clients. Have fun & keep those aqua classes rolling in, both shallow & deep. Thanks D.T.

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From: Narooma (Australia)
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